"There is no scape. No hope."

30 Days of Night (2007). Directed by David Slade.

Boys and girls


I’m back. I thought I could leave, but I can’t lol So yeah, I’m gonna make gifs and stuff. Yay!

And that’s my cue.

saw + green/red

Anonymous said:
Question about the horror network: Can I apply if my horror blog is a sideblog? thank you in advance. x

Of course! All I ask is that you tell me your personal/main blog too (I like to follow a lot of THN people on my personal). :)

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American Mary (2012)

"Appearances are Everything."

Anonymous said:
The Tiffany gif is from Bride of Chucky.

Thank you. I’ll fix the tag later.

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get to know me meme: [2/5] favorite movies

The Silence Of The Lambs